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Who is GlambySofie?

Hey dolls! Let me introduce myself. My name is Sofia Vasquez, also known as GlambySofie on all social media platforms. I am a 23 year old Latina with a passion for all things beauty.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to own a business of my own, but I wasn’t sure what that business would be. I just knew I could not spend the rest of my life working to make someone else’s dreams come true. I have always been the crafty hands-on kid ( I get that from my mom) 🤗 I was enrolled in cake decorating classes at a very young age and in middle school I would sell cakes and cupcakes to make extra money. I began to sell candy at school and would save up all my coin to later invest into what is now my full time career. I have always had an entrepreneur mindset, doing anything and everything to fund my dreams.

In High school I realized I wanted to pursue my passion for Makeup, and I started to offer my services to all my friends and family. At first for free to get the extra practice, and with time started charging. I was the go-to girl for all the school dances and parties.

I have been following my passion ever since. I launched my cosmetic brand in 2017. Not only to sell lashes and makeup, but to sell the confidence it brings to women. I do what I do because I truly love seeing the smiles on my clients faces.

I have 8 years of experience working as a freelance Makeup Artist. I opened my own Makeup Studio in the Inland Empire in 2016 after graduating high school. For years I have been planning a mobile glam studio & with the Covid pandemic, I was able to turn that dream into a reality. I closed my studio to work on transforming my van into a luxury mobile Glam Studio which will be up and running January 2021! AHHH so excitiiiinggggg!!

I am so glad I get to bring you dolls along this journey with me. Love ya, XO 💋


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